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About Us


BellaCuttery was started out of a need to pay off student loan debt and have a  creative outlet because in my 9-5, I felt like I was living to work. I knew that if I wanted to have a family someday, I needed to be able to take my time back and do something that was fulfilling and could support us.

What started as a business built inside a 4th floor apartment on a kitchen table has grown to a warehouse where my team and I ship thousands of orders monthly. I've built a business that fits in with the life I want to live and I give my team that same opportunity.

Taken on the floor of our apartment in 2013. We were so proud of these pictures!

When BellaCuttery first started, I was operating out of my fourth floor apartment and doing everything on my own. Our turnaround times were 2-3 weeks, we had no system in place and I was building the business in the hours between 7-11 PM.

We moved to our first single family home and took over the basement. Our shipping boxes were stored in a roughed in bathroom (not in use, just framed out!). Our movie theater room was our shipping room.

We knew we couldn't expand our family or business more in Northern Virginia, so we moved to Richmond, Virginia. We bought our house specifically with a LARGE basement so I could grow the business there. But, then we outgrew that when we started having pallets delivered in the middle of my driveway and inventory delivered in the middle of the street!

 In 2019, we moved to our first warehouse and I quit my job with the federal government to be a full-time Entrepeneur. 

And then, we were promptly met with the global pandemic. This was a huge explosion of growth for us and I've always been one to think in opposites to help me get to where I want to go. This was the turning point where I could let my business fall apart or work harder than I ever had to save it.

We turned this warehouse into a face mask production space and it saved our business while helping our community. If that is not what we are all about, then what is?!

We outgrew that space and moved to our current location. We now have a team with a flexible schedule who helps process all of your orders quickly. We prioritize service above all else and want to ensure you are happy with your experience.



  • Philanthropy: Giving back is part of who we are and the reason we are in business. We believe in contributing to causes that help women, children, and underserved populations.
  • Inclusion: Our gifts are all about appreciation and paying it forward. We have fun with kindness.
  • Collaboration and Connection: It's our goal to bring whatever you want to life and make it personalized. We prioritize building real relationships with our customers because you matter and so do your life celebrations.



We are fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. At BellaCuttery, we are extremely thorough in our order process so if we need clarification, we will reach out quickly so we can give you exactly what you want and get it to your doorstep fast.