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Why Shop Personalized?

I recently stumbled across this blog post published in 2019. Some of these bullet points resonated with me and some were fun to learn about! I have summarized them below and added in my thoughts and a few links to hopefully help a few shoppers along the way.

1. The average shopper buys presents for about eight different recipients

I believe it! This number is dependent on a lot of things, but I can think of more than eight people I would buy gifts for. Spouse, child, parent, sibling, pet, friend, neighbor, coworker, family, doctor, specialist, teacher, even a stranger! Multiply those recipients x a special occasion or a holiday and you've got a LOT of gifting potential! However, 8% of people said they wouldn't buy for anybody. This made me giggle - they are not my target market!

On our website at bellacuttery.com, there is a navigation menu that lets you shop by occupation, for him and for her. There are way more than eight options in there! 

2. Women give gifts to far more recipients

As a woman, I would have to agree! My husband is very giving, but I think that's more of me rubbing off on him vs. an innate need to give, if that makes sense.

3. People are a bit more likely to buy presents for their pets than their friends

This is hilarious and relatable. But, if you think about it, your pet lives with you! Your pet is with you through the good, bad, and ugly. If you are anything like me, then you spoil the heck out of your pet! Sadly, I think I make more pet memorial gifts than I do for living pets. Maybe I need to expand that product line. 

Someone very dear to me needed to rehome their pet. They asked me to make this personalized, printed pet pillow so they could hug whenever they missed her. 

We recently became the new home to a beautiful goldendoodle and I made this personalized fanny pack for our walks. It is the perfect holder for her treats, extra dog poop bags and hand sanitizer. Yes, I have turned into the crazy dog mom!

personalized fanny pack for dog owners

With that being said, I do believe I shop more for people than pets ;)

4. Baby boomers give gifts to the fewest recipients (of all currently adult generations)

Another fact I believe! I wouldn't have guessed this, but my biggest target market is age 65+. I had absolutely no idea.

5. The Midwest is where the most gifts are exchanged

I'm from the south and they came in second place. I've never been to the midwest, but most of my sales are to New York, Texas, and California. We have shipped to all states many times, but my items are popular all over the USA. Super happy about that!

6. The average holiday budget is $708.03

When you think about gifts, travel, and food - wow that really isn't a lot! One thing I love about what we do is we are able to meet so many price points. We never claim to be the cheapest, but we always want to be the best. We've been in business since 2013 and have carefully curated our supplies and inventory to make sure the quality exceeds our standards. We have so many affordable gift options and the best part is personalization is free! Why pay more to have that extra special touch?

7. 80% of consumers wrap presents themselves -- but only 69% think they're good at it.

My gift wrapping sucks! But we offer gift wrapping for you in case you suck, too! ;) 

I hope this article was as fun for you as it was for me!

If I can help make anything personalized for you & your eight recipients, give us a holler! If we don't have it listed, we'd love to personalize something just for you. Grab a custom request and I'll personally be in touch with you shortly to design exactly what you're looking for!

Happy Shopping,

xoxo Kathi

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