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Summer Vacation Time!

We did it, we did it! This year was the first year I've ever been out of the office and had the operation running without me while I left for vacation. I'm so proud of my team for stepping up to the plate to learn new roles/processes to keep the ball rolling. Now I get to vacation once a month, right?! I wish!
Where did we go?
Miramar Beach, Florida. and stayed at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. O.M.G. Best week ever, best vacation ever! My daughter went hoarse on the second day from talking and laughing so much! My son kept asking "how are we able to have so much fun" which makes us sound like a boring family (which, we are NOT!) it was just so unbelievable how BEAUTIFUL it was.
They don't call it the Emerald Coast for nothing! The water was GORGEOUS and clear, and warm. The sand was white and soft as sugar. We had double red flags one day, but the rest of the week was good enough for swimming safely. We had an absolutely amazing vacation.
(inserted obligatory family picture here!)
My husbands family was vacationing in Pensacola that same week, so we ventured that way to see them and for them to meet my daughter. Pensacola was so beautiful! The high rise they are in gave you a beautiful 360 view of the gulf and the bay. You feel like you're on an island there. We look forward to vacationing there for a week next year since we are HOOKED on Florida beaches now!
While there, I was devastated to read of the horrible condo catastrophe in Surfside, Florida just outside of Miami Beach. When I woke up and saw the news and heard of an ocean front condo partially collapsing, my heart sunk. 8 years ago, a small airplane crashed into our apartment complex and we slept through the entire thing. I wish I was joking. The FIRST thing that came to my mind was, "Oh my God...did we sleep through another disaster again?" My heart is with the family and friends of those affected. 
Do you have a summer vacation planned? 

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