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Mondays at Bella Cuttery

Mondays at Bella Cuttery

I know some people dread Mondays, I used to for sure! I loved my job (career) before I went full-time entrepreneur, but still having to wake up on someone elses schedule to do things that didn't get me closer to my dreams, just didn't seem too fun! There is something so satisfying about coming into my office, printing off all the orders my amazing customers are trusting me with, and sorting through them.

I design up until 9 AM Monday morning, so any order that comes in with all details by then usually gets squeezed into the first design and shipping group! I use ShipStation to organize and fulfill my orders. I just started using ShipStation in the fall, right before Christmas, and I believe it saved me so much time in the order fulfillment process right when I needed the efficiencies most in Q4!

See this little barcode? Each order is assigned a barcode. When it's that orders' time to ship, all I have to do is scan it (with my super fun barcode scanner!) and it pulls the order up on the screen. Soooo fun, I just close my eyes and pretend I'm working at Target ;) 

This is a lot of paper, but there is no current way around it with the order volume we see these days. Good news is, I reuse the paper and print on the opposite side to get the most use I can of it! One of these days I'd love to go paperless, but with the personalization we offer and the workflow we work with, I'm not quite sure how to make that happen. One day! 

So here's a little glimpse into the over 100 orders we are working on to ship tomorrow, we ship several times a week! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

xoxo Kathi

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